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Mesh Deployment Kit


Mesh Deployment Kit

Experience the Power of Mesh
Experience first-hand the benefit of integrating the latest mist™ mesh network technology into your enterprise. The RSAE Labs Global Tracking Solutions Mesh Deployment Kit allows you to experience the robust performance and true ad-hoc nature of our mesh network in your own environment for your business applications. The Mesh Deployment Kit is comprised of the following:„„ Pre-wired, wheeled Pelican case.

  • A Fixed Mesh Gateway (FMG)
  • Ten Mesh Asset Tags
  • „„Pre-configured Deployment Kit LAN„„
  • Wi-Fi Internet Gateway
  • Setup and Diagnostic Netbook
  • Space for one GS-5L (Optional device)
  • Power cord
  • Optional Cellular Hot Spot

meshdeploytoppicsThe Mesh Deployment Kit is a completely configured and operating mesh network. Inside the kit is network wiring and a power strip. You simply supply power, point the included Wi-Fi Internet Gateway at a Wi-Fi Hot Spot and you have a working mesh network. Optionally, the kit can be shipped with a Cellular Wi-Fi Hot Spot for a true deployment that requires no configuration. The optional Cellular Wi-Fi Hot Spot is extremely useful to organizations that have lengthy Internet connection issues or for deployments where Internet connectivity is an unknown. Once at your location, the Mesh Deployment Kit combines technologies, devices and services using the RSAE Labs mesh network protocol optimized for ad-hoc configuration, security and ultra-low power. Our Mesh Deployment Kit allows for continuous networking connections and dynamic reconfiguration around broken or blocked paths by allowing the data to “hop” from tag to tag until the data reaches the fixed mesh gateway that is supplied in your kit. See the RSAE Labs Global Tracking Solutions’ mesh network topology in action, as the Mesh Asset Tags “talk” to each other and report the information to you. The data, from each test you conduct with the Deployment Kit, is encrypted and sent to the RSAE Labs Device Management Center (DMC), where it is authenticated, decrypted and processed. The Deployment Kit lets you see how events and customized reports are available for authorized customers via secure web applications.

meshdeplygatewaypicKey Features and Benefits

  • „„Immediately identify the location and status of your assets in the yard from a central office
  • „Track equipment in near-real time to best utilize resources
  • „„Maximize resource allocation of your assets and space
  • „Improve accuracy of your asset tracking management data by automating your system
  • „„Decrease labor costs by relying on data from RSAE Labs Mesh Asset Tags being reported and viewed through the centralized Device Management Center

Mesh Asset Tag (MAT)

  • Tracks location of asset to improve asset visibility and operational efficiency
  • „„Flexible, adaptive architecture minimizes IT infrastructure
  • „„Allows immediate remote device reconfiguration and upgrades
  • „„Encrypts communications to ensure privacy

Fixed Mesh Gateway (FMG)

  • „„Provides RSAE Labs Global Tracking Solutions mist™ mesh network authorization and security