Track and Monitor Your Assets Without Fixed Infrastructure To meet the challenges of increasingly complex global supply chains, defense and RSU-3commercial organizations require smarter technologies to effectively track and manage cargo on land or at sea. RSAE Labs offers an innovative, affordable solution to deliver immediate worldwide reporting on the location, condition and security status of any asset.

Developed by RSAE Labs for the U.S. DoD, the Mesh Asset Tag (MAT) employs mist® wireless mesh network for logistics applications. The solution is a combination of technologies, devices and services using a mist® mesh network protocol optimized for ad hoc configuration, security and ultra-low power.RSAE Labs mist® mesh uses a network topology in which the tags talk to each other. This allows for continuous connections and dynamic reconfiguration around broken or blocked paths by “hopping” from tag to tag until the information reaches a Fixed Mesh Gateway (FMG) or a Mobile Mesh Gateway (MMG).All data is sent encrypted to the RSAE Labs Device Management Center (DMC™), where it is authenticated, decrypted and processed. Events and customized reports are made available to authorized customers via secure web applications, API, XML data feed, SMS text message and e-mail.RSU-3bttm