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RSAE LABS: Superior Technology, Superior Visibility

RSAE Labs is a Vietnam-era Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) based in Panama City, Florida with additional operations in Silicon Valley and Armenia. Since 2003, RSAE Labs has exceled in developing military-grade global tracking devices, redundant global communications, data security and advanced mesh networking protocol. Working as Impeva Labs and later, Cubic Global Tracking Solutions (CGTS), our team has advanced five generations of Global Sentinel (GS) devices. Our GS-2 was qualified by Sandia National Labs in 2005 for deployment with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for Operation Safe Commerce (OSC) III. RSAE Labs is committed to continuing support for Global Sentinel services.

mist®: The Next Generation Advanced Wireless Mesh Technology

Starting in 2006, our team has taken advanced wireless mesh networking protocol to a new level with mist®. Currently mist® is supporting a variety of commercial and US DoD trials and demonstrations, using 3rd and 4th generation devices.

In October 2015, RSAE Labs acquired exclusive commercial rights to the Global Sentinel and mist® intellectual property to use and sublicense. In March 2016, RSAE Labs will deliver the source code for mist® to the US DoD for government use.

Why is this important? Because this move insures that our government will avoid the monopolistic third-party ownership issues that have impeded development and innovation in the past.

RSAE Labs intends to facilitate the commercial licensing of this advanced technology to service providers, VARs, system integrators and others for the broadest possible use. With minor exceptions, the technology is exportable and usable globally. Nimble, reliable and affordable, mist® has the capacity to transform the way asset visibility has been handled, using battle field tested technology.

Proven Technology, Proven Leadership.


Randall ShepardRandall (Randy) Shepard, a Vietnam-era USAF veteran, is the founder and CEO of RSAE Labs. He has provided continuous oversight of business management, technology development and global operations for asset monitoring and tracking since May 2004 when his DVA Group won the contract from Boeing to develop a container tracking device for DHS Operation Safe Commerce II. With the success of OSC II, he co-founded Impeva Labs to focus on global asset tracking and monitoring. In May 2010, he oversaw the transition of Impeva Labs to Cubic Global Tracking Solutions (CGTS), and was GM and VP of Technology Innovations. In 2015, Shepard orchestrated the management buyout of CGTS to form RSAE Labs.

Randall Shepard holds degrees from Georgia Tech in Aeronautical Engineering (1973) and Stanford University in Guidance & Control Systems in Astronautical Engineering with a minor in business (1979). During his 20-year US Air Force career, Lt Col Shepard (ret) was a pilot, engineer and aero-astronautical engineering professor at the US Air Force Academy.