RSAE Labs Team

Randall Shepard – Founder and CEO of RSAE Labs, Inc.

Randall Shepard is an accomplished technologist and seasoned corporate executive. Educated as a spacecraft designer, with advanced engineering degrees from Georgia Tech and Stanford, Shepard has worked with advanced technologies throughout his career. Over the last 32-years, he has served as corporate officer for nine advanced technology companies, two public and seven startups. As RSAE Labs CEO, he is responsible for corporate management, advanced research, technology licensing and global sales. In this capacity, he has overseen the successful development and sale of advanced technologies, products and services incorporating global communications, digital cable TV, Video-On-Demand, smart sensors and wireless mesh protocol.

In 2010, Shepard was Impeva Labs’ CEO when it was acquired by Cubic Inc. Cubic Global Tracking Solutions (CGTS) was created to focus on the monitoring and security of military and humanitarian goods in and out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and other high-risk areas around the world. Shepard, serving as Vice President, Research and Development, lead the development of new products and the award of more than a dozen technology patents. In 2015, he acquired CGTS and has successfully transitioned his entrepreneurial team under the RSAE Labs’ banner, specializing in global asset monitoring, tracking and security solutions in commercial and government sectors worldwide.

Ira Lehrman, PhD: Executive Vice President, Product Management of RSAE Labs, Inc.

Dr. Lehrman is responsible for overall product definition and strategy for RSAE Labs. As the manager for the development of military-grade global tracking and asset management devices, he continuously presses to enhance devices utilizing redundant global communications, data security and an advanced mesh networking protocol. Under his guidance, the RSAE Labs Team has taken advanced wireless mesh networking protocol to a new level with their patented mist® wireless mesh technology. Now commercially-priced devices provide customers a Continuous Chain of Custody (C-3) Shipping System®  across their global supply chains.

While educated with a Doctorate in electrical engineering, Lehrman’s career experiences have spanned all aspects of product development and production. As COO and Partner in Primus Aerospace, he lead the enhancement of  production processes and quality control leading to their certification as a manufacturer of precision machined parts serving the Aerospace, Medical and Mining industries. In 2013, under Lehrman’s leadership, Primus Wind Power was created as a leading manufacturer of the Air Turbine product line.

Prior to his partnership in Primus, Lehrman served as VP and Executive Director with Tandberg TV, Comcast, AT&T Broadband and Motorola in the development, deployment and operation of digital cable TV and Video-on-Demand.  Together Lehrman, Shepard and other members of the current RSAE Labs team, in 1997, led the initial launch of digital cable TV across the US.

Michael Baumgartner: Chief Engineer

Mr. Baumgartner is a skilled veteran in the development and implementation of complex multitechnology systems particularly in the development of large-scale communications systems and test infrastructures. Using microprocessors to mainframes, he has designed instrumentation systems to collect data from DC to RF for the analysis of software and hardware performance of digital TV systems, telecommunications, radars, electronic countermeasures devices, EO and IR missiles and other sensors. His expertise also includes the design and development of custom RF test equipment, communications systems, telemetry systems, video systems and computer peripherals. In the telecommunications arena, Mr. Baumgartner is an experienced manager of multi-disciplined engineering teams.

Responsible for the design and development of security devices for global inter modal shipping containers. Currently responsible for hardware product design and systems engineering.

He was responsible for the design and integration of the Army NGWC (Next Generation Wireless Communications) task one satellite-based cargo tracking and communications device.

Operation Safe Commerce Phase III – Technical Lead- Responsible for the design, development, integration, testing and delivery of advanced container security devices to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Responsible for the design and development of the Iridium Communications Application Platform (ICAP) that was derived from DVA’s Sky Marshal Airborne Communications System. Systems engineering for a satellite based, VOD content delivery system for wide spread US deployment. Responsible for the development and operation of the End-to-End System Integration Lab for AT&T’s Advanced Set Top Box program (ASTB). Responsible for developing life-cycle processes for supporting 30 million deployed network devices.