Asset Visibility You Can Rely On

When asset visibility is essential to your organization, and it is vital for you to know the location and condition of your assets, then rely on the Global Sentinel-6L. The GS-6L is an adaptable device that does not require a fixed infrastructure to provide global monitoring and tracking of your valuable assets. It also serves as a mobile mesh gateway for mist® (mobile integrated sensing technologies). mist® sensor nodes monitor cargo and in-transit assets, reporting status and alerts via ad hoc mesh networks through the GS-6L. mist® position beacons at receiving sites and on designated personnel provide “Oracle Quality” location data to confirm change of custody for Blockchain transactions.


The GS-6L device mounted on a ship, truck or break-bulk cargo, reports the position of your assets, detectsunplanned events and identifies variances. This provides you timely information on the status of your assets and allows you to respond to unexpected circumstances. Business rules on the device determine the least costly communication mode. The options include: satellite, cellular and mesh technology, allowing for two-way, encrypted, redundant wireless communications. With the GS-6L, you have continuous globalpositioning, status reporting, event alerting and remote configuration.

The advanced technology of RSAE Labs’ GS-6L keeps your organization informed on the security of your assets, and with an extended battery life of up to five years or 6,000 reports you can trust the device to maintain communications. When your assets are important to your organization, rely on the GS-6L to monitor position and environmental conditions including: temperature, humidity, and shock and motion state. If the device detects a situation outside of your pre-determined routing or sensor threshold, you will receive notification of the anomaly by web, text, SMS or e-mail.