About RSAE Labs

RSAE Labs Inc., a U.S. veteran-owned small business headquartered in Panama City, Florida, is the industry-leading solution provider for global asset tracking, monitoring and security for commercial shippers and US government agencies. RSAE Labs’ devices are currently deployed globally in a variety of markets including dry and refrigerated containers, fleet management, and high-value assets. Global Sentinel solutions are used around the globe to provide real-time critical information that allows customers to turn data into actionable information. mist®, an advanced wirless mesh protocol has been applied to monitoring fuel, water, mobile bridges, munitions, aircraft component and other high value goods.

RSAE Labs is a true global company with operations strategically located around the world:

  • Panama City, Florida – Headquarters for Global Operations, Engineering, Product Development, Testing, and Technical Support
  • Denver, Colorado – Product Management and Development
  • Santa Clara, California – Device Management Center support, Contracts and Accounting
  • Yerevan, Armenia – Software Engineering and Technical Team

RSAE Labs’ Services are comprised of sophisticated asset tags with a multitude of sensor and communications options. Many have secure, redundant, two-way global communications that automatically uses the least-cost option available (internet connected gateway, Wi-Fi, cellular or a choice of satellite constellations). With as many as 2,000 customer-specific geozones encrypted on the devices, supporting tens of thousands of custom business rules, RSAE Labs’ ‘smarter’ devices minimize unproductive reporting to provide the lowest possible life-cycle cost. Encrypted data, routed to a cloud-based data server, is authenticated and processed for real-time alerting via SMS text and email. Customer authorized users can assess the data using RSAE Labs’ secure cloud-based analytics tools. Custom formatted data is also made available to customer-designated servers for access and processing inside their corporate and government IT Firewalls. Assistance is also provided to integrate with existing ERP and other legacy systems to enhance business processes rather than replace them.


The RSAE Labs Team is comprised of professionals that have worked togther since 2004 providing continuous, secure, global services for highly valuable assets in the harshest of environments. The RSAE Labs team has a long history of working together on cutting edge tracking technologies for global commercial applications, and both US and foreign government agencies. Global Sentinel Services and the mist® wireless mesh protocol were originally developed starting in 2004 by Silcon Valley-based Impeva Labs. In 2010, Cubic Defense Applications Inc.acquired Impeva Labs’ and created a subsidiary, Cubic Global Tracking Solutions (CGTS). In 2015, Randall Shepard acquired CGTS’ assets, customer base and intellectual property, retaining many key Impeva Labs/ CGTS staff, to form RSAE Labs, Inc.