Device Management Center

Count on RSAE Labs for Secure Global Asset Visibility

When your organization requires secure asset tracking, monitoring, data collection, analysis and dissemination, trust the RSAE Labs Device Management Center (DMC). We provide secure communications between our globally deployed asset tracking and monitoring devices (Global Sentinel Units and Mesh Asset Tags) and authorized shippers, logistics management firms, customs and other appropriate agencies. The DMC provides two-way communication with each deployed device for remote configuration, delivering a robust solution that allows for rerouting, cargo profile changes and firmware updates. Additionally, the DMC tailors reporting to your organizational needs based on location, situation and threat conditions. Through the RSAE Labs’ DMC, your organization receives real-time critical updates based upon pre-coordinated business rules for route variations, schedule delays and sensor states (temperature, humidity, motion, light and tampering). The DMC allows continuous asset visibility into the condition and location of your valuable assets through secure web access, SMS, e-mail and encrypted XML data transfer.

RSAE Labs offers two deployment models for the DMC. Our primary distribution model is Software as a Service (SaaS model), which enables you to gain the full benefits of the service without requiring your organization to invest in IT infrastructure and personnel. All that is required is access to a standard web browser to interface with the DMC, and RSAE Labs manages the infrastructure for your organization, and provides full service and support. For organizations that need to limit access to their sensitive data, licensing of the DMC is your best option. Also, if you anticipate receiving a large volume of messages over time, you should opt for licensing in order to receive significant savings over time. Additionally, licensing the DMC allows you to have complete control of the IT infrastructure to ensure it meets your Information Assurance requirements.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Global asset location and condition monitoring utilizing satellite, cellular and mesh communications
  • Enables asset management, including Yard Management, and Container Tracking and Monitoring
  • Data encryption delivering secure customized reporting based on time, event, or Geofencing transitions
  • Customizable business rules tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Remote reconfiguration for rerouting, cargo profile changes and firmware updates
  • Open interfaces for ease of integration with existing customer back-office systems
  • Google Earth display allows you to see the position of your assets in a geographical context
  • Robust and scalable solution to meet your needs

Technical Specifications

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • E-mail, SMS, XML Messaging
  • Transports
  • SFTP
  • FTP
  • SSC
  • Web Services API
Downloadable Files