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Global Sentinels®


Global Sentinel®

Global Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Global Sentinel® is the only system of its kind that continuously monitors and immediately reports the position, status and security of assets across the entire intermodal transportation network anytime, anywhere around the world for unparalleled Command and Control (C2) capabilities. Developed by RSAE Labs Global Tracking Solutions (CGTS), Global Sentinel is a flexible device that provides worldwide “infrastructure-free” tracking, monitoring and security.

It comes in multiple configurations for any type of asset, including trucks, trailers, containers or pallets. Two-way, redundant wireless communications by Iridium and GSM/GPRS cellular along with GPS, allow continuous global position, status reporting, event alerting and
remote configuration.


All data is sent encrypted to the RSAE Labs Device Management Center (DMC™), where it is authenticated, decrypted and processed. Events and customized reports are made available to authorized customers via secure web applications, XML data feed, SMS text message and e-mail. The DMC can easily integrate with customer back-office systems and also act as a stand-alone, monitoring, tracking, data analysis and global asset management tool.




Major Benefits

  • A Continuous Chain of Custody – Designed to provide tracking, monitoring and security in a single integrated solutionsinrightside3pics
  • Real Security – Light, door, movement, shock and mounting sensors programmed to alert any unscheduled intrusion or event
  • Enhanced Command and Control (C2) – Real-time event alerts allow proactive problem solving from anywhere and at any time
  • Customizable Data Reports – View the data the way you want via the DMC or your system

Reliable Autonomous Global Tracking and Monitoring

  • Two-way, encrypted, redundant wireless communications by Iridium and GSM/GPRS cellular anywhere around the world.
  • A comprehensive and customizable sensor suite that monitors asset conditions including door security, temperature, mounting, humidity, G-force, movement and multi-spectral light (holes/unauthorized breach)
  • Up to 2,000 unique geozones on the device

Low Latency Data Transmission

  • Alerts and notifications are available to customers within two minutes or less of an event occurrence
  • Ability to add manually-generated alerts, such as a panic button for drivers

Low Asset Life-Cycle Deployment and Operational Cost„

  • Ultra-efficient power management
  • „„ Reporting by exception/events vs. volumes of useless data
  •  Designed to deploy rapidly and adapt easily to customer legacy systems
  • In-transit, remote reconfiguration of the operating paradigm of the deploye device – at any time from anywhere around the glob
  • Operational temperature range of -40C to +85C