RSAE Labs, a Panama City-based company, has achieved the highest standard of innovation across the broadest definition. They have invented, produced and validated new and novel technologies resulting in 13 issued US patents and several pending foreign patents. Industry-expert review has categorized five as “disruptive” to the Internet of Things (IOT) market. Most significantly, in May of this year, they licensed their key intellectual property to the US government as the basis for a new standard for sense-and-respond logistics. With the retention of commercial technology rights, this awardee stands poised to capture a significant portion of the IOT market.

Randall Shepard, RSAE Labs CEO, said “It is a great honor, particularly following in the footstep of such notable companies as ARA, Edge Aerodynamix and DeTect. Many thanks to Pamela Kidwell and the staff at the Business Innovation Center. They’ve been instrumental in our success. We’re proud to be part of the future of Northwest Florida. Can you say Silicon Beach?”

RSAE Labs’ core invention is a radical new way for sensor devices to wirelessly communicate and enable GPS-denied tracking. Now tens of thousands of mobile, battery-powered devices can automatically form and optimize a 2-way encrypted communications network between each other. (Think bucket brigade for data with end devices automatically link with their neighbors that are connected to a data gateway.) Fixed and mobile data gateways provide global communications between end-user servers and mobile devices. Unlike other wireless communications methods, this innovative protocol can sustain data transmissions over several miles for several months, with just an A-size battery in its nodes. Their technology and the resilience of their devices has been validated through years of worldwide deployments in some of the harshest military environments, including Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Applications include yard management, continuous cargo visibility, rail safety, bridge monitoring, first responder tracking and last-resort communications for both military and commercial customers.

With RSAE Labs technologies, for the first time, proactive global asset management, continuous tracking, monitoring and alert reporting of cargo in-transit are possible and cost effective. This company has combined military-grade, commercially-priced global tracking devices with the most advanced wireless mesh communications sensor modules to monitor and report any out-of-tolerance conditions to any point on earth in under two minutes of occurrence. If an item being shipped, stored or in use experiences abnormal temperature, humidity, shock or unauthorized access, the designated parties around the globe can immediately receive a text message detailing the event and location.

With operations in Armenia and California, this 2004 Silicon Valley-founded technology group has always had a presence in Bay County. Then in October 2015, Panama City became the company’s headquarters for core development and global operations. Their global customer base for the tracking and monitoring of high value goods includes both commercial and government equipment and cargo, including major components on Tyndall Air Force Base. Three major US aerospace companies are customers, strategic partners or both.