Reliable Social Distance Monitoring


Prevent COVID Spread and Perform Accurate Contact Tracing with RangeAware™

  • Accurate distance monitoring in all directions
  • Reliable logging of encroachment with severity (duration, orientation, …)
  • HIPPA-quality data security
  • Military-grade cyber security
  • Easy installation and operation with self-forming mesh network. No special skills required.
  • Many features beyond COVID protection

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. With it comes a new norm: keeping people safe distances apart from each other. This means a complete change of work habits and work area designs that are new to most people. People need to be space-aware and develop new habits. The work area may need to be redesigned. Like adapting to any new habit, immediate, measured reinforcement helps. And knowing that close encounters are occurring, helps management improve spacing where needed in the work environment.

RSAE Labs’ RangeAware™ solution, using the mist® Ranger, unobtrusively integrated in a standard safety vest, provides a “gentle tap on the shoulder” for employees so they keep their distance from others in accordance with employer rules. It’s a reminder of how work must change. But in order to know whether these habit changes or redesigns are effective, companies need data – real actionable data that shows when and who came too close to someone.

When people get too close, the mist® Ranger gives a gentle reminder to the encroaching parties via a vibration, beep and red LED. An event alert message is sent securely to a back-office server via a mist® mesh network that automatically forms between all the wearable devices and a mist® gateway. No infrastructure will be required.